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In this section you will find resources to help you become better informed about your child's education.   In addition, you will find resources to help you get more involved in your child’s education.

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(Espanol) Letter to Parents - SBAC Testing
(Espanol) Letter to Parents - SBAC Testing
Letter to Parents regarding SBAC Testing
Please Read

Advancing Student Success by Reducing Chronic Absences


School success goes hand in hand with good attendance!  Chavez Elementary places a high priority on students attending school every day and on time. The goal for Chavez Elementary students is to “Strive for less than 5”, meaning that students should try not to miss more than 5 days of school for the entire year.  When students come to school late or are checked out of school before the end of the school day, they:

  • Miss valuable class time and can fall behind academically
  • Develop poor attendance habits
  • Affect the learning of other students when the teacher has to help studentscatch up
  • May be disqualified for attendance incentives

Please help us to promote good attendance by:

  • Establishing a routine for bedtime and for the morning for your child
  • Checking on your child’s attendance regularly (ParentVue)
  • Encouraging your child to go to school unless he/she is truly sick
  • Calling the school 562-590-0904 and provide notes when your child is absent 
  • Being aware of the school calendar and plan family trips during school holidays and/or winter and summer breaks
  • Scheduling medical and dental appointments after school or during non-school days                  


Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

Take the SBAC practice tests as many times as you would like to help you prepare for the testing day.  There are four different types of tests offered for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders: Math test, Math Performance Task, ELA test, ELA Performance Task.

SBAC Practice Tests <--- Click here!

Free College Resources - Top Online Schools

Is college in your future? Thinking of going or returning to school?  Think about your higher education and getting that degree which could help uplift you and your family.  Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, these are free resources for you! Leah Campbell works with BestColleges and has reached out to me with some valuable information regarding online schools.  She has found that exploring online opportunities is becoming a popular route as public and private not-for-profit colleges are not only making these programs more readily available, but also more affordable than traditional on campus programs.

Here are some links that you can share with those who may be interested in their higher education and a better future:

Be Internet Awesome! <--click this link