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Toyota Family Literacy Program

Together with the Long Beach School for Adults, McKinley Elementary, and King Elementary, we proud to be a part of the Toyota Family Literacy Program.  This program provides our Spanish speaking parents with a tremendous opportunity to participate in their child's education while developing their own English literacy skills.

The three key components to this program include:

  • Adult ESL (4 hours per week)
  • PACT (Parent and Child Time) - working side by side with the student in the classroom (2 hours per week)
  • Parenting Time (2 hours per week)

The results of this program are very exciting!  We see improved attendance, achievement and motivation from the children.  The parents have become more involved in the events on campus and are more comfortable in the classrooms and helping their children at home.

Thanks to Toyota and the National Center for Family Literacy for selecting Chavez and the Long Beach Unified School District to be a part of this amazing program!