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Chavez Chefs

Our fourth grade students in the after school cooking enrichment program took a field trip to fourth street's retro row restaurant called Restauration.  These dedicated students took time after school to learn a few things from a local business.  They were able to pick their own vegetables from Restauration's own garden and made their own pizzas too!  Visit the link to see the article and some snapshots about our fourth grade students visiting a local restaurant learning some creative recipes.

View the Press-Telegram article and pictures


Clip-it & LBJP initiative (Long Beach Judicial Partners) - the company that financed, designed, built and is currently operating the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, California -­ teams up with French startup Clip-­it to support corporate Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives. The program is being piloted in collaboration with Cesar Chavez Elementary school, in Long Beach, on May 17 and 18 to support arts and education with active student participation towards recycling. The school’s 475 students ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade collected more than 5000 plastic caps since January, in order to create a giant collage. The caps will be assembled together with Clip-­‐it recycled clips. More than just a game, Clip-‐it is a real  pedagogical tool. The game can also be used as a teaching aid in various educational sectors (learning writing, counting, colors). Clip it aims to stimulate the children's creativity and motor skills while raising their awareness of environmental issues and reducing waste.  The 2 day workshop will take place within the school’s gymnasium, where Clip it will present it’s circular and socio-­economic model. Each of the 20 classes will collaborate in clipping parts of the collage artwork as a team. Once completed, the collage will be exhibited in the School’s hall. Photographs and video footage documenting the project will be   exhibited on-­‐line with plans for a public exhibit at the Long Beach Court House. The LBJP & Clip it initiative will enable Cesar Chavez Elementary School to benefit from a sustainable and educational toolkit usable all year long, and for many years.